The Couples for Christ Handmaids of the Lord 2

I wonder what Mother Theresa would think. Mother Theresa (like the Franciscan monks) worked hard for the poor and helped educate them about MORE than just prayer, absolution, repentance, and penance.

Mother Theresa and the Franciscan monks did not spend their time dancing and talking and praying endlessly at Handmaids of the Lord conferences in five-star hotels in Vancouver, Toronto, Ottawa, and Los Angeles. Mother Theresa and the Franciscan monks did not want a new red dress and new painted nails so they could sing and dance at very expensive Handmaids of the Lord conferences in big hotels hundreds or thousands of miles across the country.

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The Couples for Christ Handmaids of the Lord 1

I hope the Couples for Christ and the Handmaids of the Lord and the employment agencies and employers in the Philippines and in Canada and elsewhere will spend a little less time praying and making money and teach these women about dental hygiene and about inexpensive dental clinics and services so that these women can get better jobs with better employers. Most Canadians and Americans are very proud of their own good teeth and spend a lot of money making sure their own children's teeth are healthy and perfect so that these children will have happy and healthy lives and get good jobs. (Healthcare is free here in Canada, but dental care is expensive.)

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Incompetent Canadians

“Only 60% of the world’s population has access to proper oral care. In the Philippines, 7 out of 10 [Filipinos] have never even been to a dentist and 87% suffer from tooth decay according to Vicente Medina, Dean of the [University of the Philippines] UP College of Dentistry.”

Many rich Canadians are incompetent. They hire foreign nannies who have periodontal disease and missing teeth and then let them kiss the babies and tiny children under their care. Many of these foreign nanny immigrants admit (that is, complain) that in Hong Kong and in Arab countries, parents consider foreign nannies dirty and do not allow the nannies to become physically affectionate with the children under their care.
See And see

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Obama, Israel, Palestine and Peace

If the wealthy of this world really want peace, they should help negotiate and finance Israel’s purchase of the lands Israel deems necessary to its security and continued existence. Anything less is futile.

A political “solution” will not last. Land ownership is the answer. Ownership is clear cut, with no waffling and posturing and broken promises brought on by current affairs, oil prices, and elections.

Carlos Slim, Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, Bernard Arnault, Larry Ellison, the Sultan of Brunei and his peers–the Royal Families of the Muslim world–and the all the world’s religions must negotiate on Israel’s behalf and put money on the table.

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Canada Should Get it Right for Its Own Good

When Canadian politicians encounter budgetary shortfalls and overruns, they often propose privatizing public services (such as public transportation). In other words, they sell their publicly owned transportation facilities and energy producing facilities to private for-profit corporations. For example, in 1998, the Legislative Assembly of Ontario passed the Energy Competition Act, which privatized and broke up the taxpayer-owned crown corporation Ontario Hydro.

The problem in Canada is that compared to the United States, there is NO competition, and that lack of competition in Canada invariably means that prices rise when public taxpayer-owned corporations are sold off. (A few people get rich while the average taxpayer becomes poorer.)

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British Columbia Should Get it Right For It’s Own Good

I have always thought that if British Columbia really had it on the ball, it would make itself over as a fisheries, forestry, and wildlife management park. In other words, British Columbia would get itself designated as a special provincial or national park, a park in which planners, ethicists, scientists, and economists would test ecological and business management plans, models, and techniques, over both the short and long term, and often side by side. For example, various runs of salmon on various sections of the coast would experience alternative management regimes.

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Knives: Be Prepared!

If you read “almost any” of the wilderness survival books, you’ll find that they tell you to carry a good fixed-blade knife. The experts recommend the fixed-blade design because they believe it offers a smaller chance of injury — it won’t clamp shut on your fingers. Personally, when I need to travel light on one-day long-distance endurance hikes, I carry a folding multi-tool knife (a Swiss Army knife), but when I’m camping or backpacking, I take along a lightweight fixed-blade tactical knife.

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High-rise Soundproofing

Have you met anyone living in an old high-rise condo apartment building who replaced their carpets with hardwood flooring and then began complaining about the noise coming from the apartment below. Well they took up half the soundproofing when they removed the carpet. Those old high-rise apartments were built with carpets in mind. The builders planned for the carpeting to block sound (and they cut costs that way).

If the neighbors upstairs are going to put in hardwood floors they better expect to hear your TV.

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